about me


For over 30 years I have been filming at weddings in Arizona.  I have worked at almost every resort, venue and church in the greater Phoenix area.  I also frequently shoot wedding videos in Sedona, Tucson, Payson and Flagstaff.  I have also filmed at weddings in many other states around the country.

It has been my privilege to film at more than 4000 weddings during the last 30 years.  Many of my couples have remained in touch with me over the years to keep me updated as they start their families.  I have been honored to be invited to their other family events like anniversaries, birth of babies and graduations.  I am filming second generation weddings now as I am filming weddings for the children of many of my previous clients.

I take a unique approach to my wedding videos.  Each wedding is so very different.  I love how the couples personalize their weddings.  I want to capture all the uniqueness that make you who you are as a couple.  While there is always a standard set of things that I capture at weddings I am always open to your ideas for your wedding video.  I love having the couples involved in their video if they want to be!

I am very unobtrusive on your wedding day.  The photographer is the one who should be in charge and calling the shots during the photos session.  I won’t get in their way.  I don’t set up shots for the video but prefer a photojournalistic / candid approach to your wedding.  I do always offer interviewing of your guests if it is something you would like.

All the weddings that I film at come from referrals.  I have not done any advertising for more than 25 years. My referrals come from photographers who love to refer to me because I am very easy to work with, previous brides and grooms and venues that know how well I treat their wedding couples.  I have never paid referral fees to venues or wedding coordinators which is a common practice in the industry that brides are unaware of.  This often leads to coordinators and venues referring to vendors who pay them the most money for a referral versus someone who does quality work and provides excellent service.

My pricing is very competitive.  I don’t know of another videographer in the area with the same level of experience and passion for weddings that are anywhere close to my pricing.  Working at weddings is what I do full time.  This is not a weekend hobby for me.  Because I work at weddings full time I can offer excellent customer service, am easy to get a hold of and offer quick delivery of your wedding video.

I would love to be a part of your wedding and capture for you something that is only done once.

Call me anytime at 480.615.9087 or contact me on my contact page.  I will respond to you quickly.